Privacy Policy

Your privacy is sacred to us! Here you can discover how we carefully handle your personal data.


Personal Information

When you contact us, for example via email, you may provide us with your name, email, and other contact details.

These details are essential for us to establish effective communication. We use them exclusively to respond to your inquiries or to provide specific services you have requested. The collection of such data occurs in full compliance with current regulations and with your explicit consent.

To respond

We use the information you provide to respond to your questions and interact with you.

Managing your inquiries is our priority. We use the personal information you share with us to ensure a precise and timely response to your questions, whether technical, commercial, or support-related. Each member of our team is trained to treat your data with the utmost respect and discretion.


We may send you communications in response to your requests. We will not send you promotional communications unless you specifically request them.

We maintain an open and honest dialogue with you, sending updates or information related to the services for which you have subscribed. We make sure to obtain your consent before sending any promotional material, to ensure that you only receive the communications you truly desire.

No third party

The information we receive via email is not shared with anyone, and we do not use external partners who might access it.

We operate with the highest integrity and do not share your personal information with third parties without your consent. This approach is at the heart of our commitment to protecting your privacy and ensures that your information is handled only within the confines of our organization.

No data selling

Your data is not for sale. Your privacy is our priority.

We reiterate our commitment to not sell, rent, or trade your personal information to third parties. Our policy is clear: your data is handled exclusively within our company for the agreed purposes, respecting privacy laws.

Your rights

You have the right to access, correct, delete your personal data, or object to its processing.

The GDPR grants you numerous rights, including the right to access, rectify, delete, and restrict the processing of your personal data. We are fully transparent about how your data is managed and provide you with all the necessary tools to exercise your rights simply and effectively.

Data security

Although we do not retain data, we commit to protecting the information that passes through our email communications with adequate security measures.

Even though we do not maintain a permanent record of your information, we adopt rigorous security measures to protect the data during communications. These include advanced encryption technologies and security protocols to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information.


No cookies: Yes, you read that right. We do not use or collect data through cookies. Your browsing on our site is completely free of tracking.

We are proud to offer an online experience free of cookies, ensuring a clean and privacy-respecting browsing experience. This means no automatic tracking, no invasive advertising, and no profiling without your explicit consent.

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